Class Descriptions


Roll out your mat and take a deep breath as we move through a series of traditional pilates principles aimed to strengthen, stabilize and lengthen. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Kind of like Mat Pilates 1 but with a little more energy and a sprinkle of added difficulty, Mat Pilates 2 will take the basic pilates principles to the next level. Let our instructors help you to strengthen, stabilize and lengthen your body in this pilates class. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Arguably one of our most ‘playful’ classes, Mat Pilates Beginnings is a fun and welcoming pilates class perfect for those who are trying pilates for the first time or learning the basics. But don’t be fooled by its name, this class will leave you feeling sweaty and strong, in all the right ways. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Whether it’s your first pilates class or you’re looking to bring your practise back to the basics, our reformer beginnings class is designed to teach the principles of pilates in a friendly and fun environment. You can look forward to fostering better body awareness, promoting effective movement patterns, strengthening, stabilizing and lengthening.
This class is our version of a traditional pilates reformer class with a little bit of flair! Our instructors will guide you through a sequence of movements meant to improve posture, increase your strength and improve your overall mobility. Some reformer experience is recommended for this class.
Taking the basic principles of pilates and turning them up a couple of notches, our reformer 2 class is designed to spice up your pilates routine and take your strength and mobility to the next level. Former reformer experience is required for this class due to the complexity of movement patterns.
Leave feeling energized, strong and connected to our move well community after taking our reformer circuit group class. A fun ‘twist’ on our traditional pilates classes, our instructors will incorporate a variety of ‘props’ and movements to improve strength, stability and mobility.
Arguably one of our most ‘playful’ classes, pilates with props incorporates a variety of tools and techniques to build strength, improve mobility and most importantly, add an element of fun to movement. But don’t be fooled by its name, this class will leave you feeling sweaty and strong, in all the right ways.


Leave your troubles at the door as you step onto your mat and take a deep breath in and a cleansing breath out. Our restorative yoga class combines gentle movements, with supported postures and meditation to leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud, join us on your mat and allow our instructors to lead you through a series of postures that will tap into a deeper mind, body connection. This is one of our most ‘grounding’ classes that will allow you the space and time to connect to the present moment, all you have to do is arrive. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Flow it out and let your breath lead you through a series of traditional yoga sequences and postures designed to ‘twist’ and ‘untwist’ all the little ‘sticky’ spots. This class will leave you feeling radiant and inspired to move through your day with a new sense of ease. *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.
Channel your inner warrior in this energetic power yoga class. Incorporating traditional yoga flows and postures this class will challenge your balance and strength in the most fun and energizing way! *Bringing your own mat is encouraged for hygienic purposes.

Strength & Mobility

This mat based class is built on a series of movements designed to improve your active range of motion and overall mobility. This class will challenge you in unique ways and enable you to move well, be well throughout your day.
Using a variety of props and rollers this class will stimulate your connective tissues, muscles and nervous system to leave you feeling motivated and inspired to move! By finding sneaky ways to release all the little tension spots this class will feel like the worst and THE BEST for your body.
Grab those dumbbells and get ready to sweat with Stronger Every Day! This class is bound to leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your day – one squat at a time. Please note, this is a virtual class and you will be sent a zoom link prior to the class to join.

Run & Ride

Whether you are an avid runner, weekend warrior or looking to start running, join our coach guided run group. Each run starts with a short warm-up, running specific drills to improve your running technique and mechanics, followed by a run and ending with a gentle cool down and stretch. If you are looking for a fun group of like minded people to run with, look no further than RunQuest.
Community is integral to our business and we couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate the rad people who cheer us on than by having a time for a community run! This is meant to be a time for people to meet, run, and perhaps enjoy a coffee after. Please note, this is not a “formal” run, more of a time and space for runners to meet and run from!
Join us on the open roads as we cycle up, down and all around Kelowna! RideQuest combines our passion for road cycling with our love for adventure. This is a no drop ride led by cycling coaches. Enjoy some fun and challenging routes while making new friends.
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